Ways to improve your emotional intelligence

People have different aspects of their life that they would really love to improve. Emotional intelligence is one of these things. Practice is all it takes to improve one’s emotional skills. In some instances, one may need to seek the services of a coach to help them deal with that or considering to take an emotional intelligence course. The following are ways to improve your emotional intelligence.

Becoming more self-aware


Self-awareness is a core area of emotional intelligence. One needs to be aware of their emotions before being aware of others emotions. Self-awareness can be achieved by meditating or being mindful. One can join a meditation course which they can learn the techniques which will help them become aware of their bodies, feelings, and thoughts. The other alternative of achieving self-awareness is by writing down one’s feelings at various time intervals. From these recordings, one can come up with ways of paying attention to their emotions. This also gives one an opportunity to gauge and monitor their emotions.

Expressing thoughts and feelings

If one is able to monitor their emotions, controlling them becomes easy. Bottling up one’s emotions makes one have a very lonely life. This is a tough approach to take since no one will ever know you neither will you know others well. This also plays a major role in hindering intimate relationships since only trusted people can one have intimate relationships with. On the other hand, blathering one’s thoughts and feelings is also wrong. This is because people do not really care about the way you feel or think while others may find it rude. The middle ground for this is being assertive.

Discovering one’s inner passions

Most people just go about their workdays without really loving what they do. They only do what they do since it is the only opportunity that came and they needed the money. One may still do what they do for a living. However, they may have to find that which really excites them even if they will do it part-time. This will help them in discovering what their inner passions are.

Know what your strengths and weaknesses are

Some people know their strengths while others underestimate themselves. One should know what their strengths and weaknesses are. This will help one in deciding their choices in life. This is even made better by one being aware of their passions. They end up living a happy and fulfilled life. This makes one feel good about their life.

Walking in other people’s shoes

dklkdlsksksksksEmpathy is necessary for life. For one to get closer to other people, they ought to empathize with them. It helps in winning other people’s support and diffusing high charged circumstances. Being in a position to understand how the other people feel makes one earn their respect. One should learn to listen to other people and paying attention to their needs.

The above are few of the ways to help in improving your emotional intelligence. It is a process hence calls for being patient through the whole process. With time, one will be able to achieve this and live a fulfilled life.…

Benefits of on line language learning

Choosing the kind of on line program that fits your need as a learner is an essential way to reach your goal of success in learning the new language. On line learning has changed the way students learn and educate primarily in learning a new language, but is on line learning effective to students to learn a new language?   Rocket French Review   says that on line language learning help students to learn and grasp the new language because it has the following benefits.

Easy to access

The easy access to technology today, like computers and gadgets, make the student’s life easier in learning a new language. With the help of multimedia like videos, audio, interactive grammar correction tools, webcams, chat boards, etc. , students learn and connect to others. Furthermore, the student may access the lesson and complete some course task anytime without any travel to make.


Review to lesson

Unlike in the traditional classroom setting, the student in on line learning can repeat the lessons without disturbing the others. The student can learn from one’s pacing with much comfort and safe environment and comprehensive interactive approaches. The techniques include the variations of lesson plan activities and multimedia support tools to address the skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading.



The on line learning course is the self-motivated course that allows the student learn on preferred time and place. For not this type, it is a great challenge to learn and grow. Since this is a self-driven course, the student takes charge of the preparation and the understanding of the lesson carried on the technology on virtual learning.


The interactive setting is entirely engaging than in traditional classroom setting. The click-to-submit review quizzes and quick rate result worth considering. Technology has changed the way students access education in language.

Lower cost

Compare to the tuition fees in the traditional setting; online courses offer a lower price in tuition and save the budget for the transportation. Apparently, this type of learning saves much time and effort.

The benefits do not guarantee a total communication skill for a new language. It just acknowledges the advantage it may give to the person, but of course, the expected output which is language fluency still depend on the capacity of the individual to absorb the lesson and use the language efficiently. Either in online or in the classroom, each has its limitation. It is still up to the person to decide how and where he can beneficially learn.