Tips to Help You Land a Cyber Security Job

Standing between internet worms, cyberterrorists, botnet attacks, WikiLeaks, and network, your hope relies on your IT Security Guy. The person should be armed with knowledge about intrusion detection systems, porn filters, and firewalls. The work of an internet security expert is to protect the network of his or her employer as if it is a child.

Nowadays, the IT security experts are in high demand. Usually, their salaries are higher as compared to those of other fields. However, how can you get into this lucrative career field? Remember that employers see several resumes and it is easy for them to figure out a person who knows their staff. The following are useful factors to help you become one of the most sought-after in the IT security industry.

Read a lot

You should read about IT security topics. Read a lot of information assurance, protection, data integrity, encryption, penetration testing, defense-in-depth, and related topics. If you do not find such stuff interesting to read, then you may stop pursuing a career in information security. There are several websites that offer this type of information. You are free to explore the facts and information in this industry.


In IT security industry, certifications are quite important. It is advisable to start with entry-level certification. It is usually a prerequisite for getting IT security jobs at various government agencies and companies. Entry-level certification can beef up the resume and it will serve as the stepping-stone to advanced certifications. It also opens doors for acquiring advanced certifications.

Setup your security lab

You can set up a security lab with old computers, security tools, and a wireless router. You can learn a lot of things from books. However, to gain hands-on experience, you should be in an environment that you can mess around safely. It is not advisable to test the hacking tools against the employer’s network. If the employer realizes he or she may fire you if you screw something accidentally. Therefore, look for some old computers and a cheap wireless router.

The router ought to have a firewall, DCHC server, network switch, and other useful features which you should learn to test and secure. Nowadays, there are several free-open source tools to experiment with your network.

Advanced certifications

If you want to be competitive in this job market, you need to create a resume that will stand out. Most candidates have entry-level certifications. However, a few candidates will have advanced certifications such as CISM, GSLC, and CISSP. Recruiters can scan a resume looking for these certifications and shortlist candidates that have them.

Nowadays, there are many free resources and books online that you can use for self-paced study. Moreover, classes are given at different schools across the world. Try to read a lot of material and then do tests.

Gain experience
As you know, there is no substitute for experience. It does not matter whether you have the required certifications and education. Whenever candidates share certain certifications, the job is offered to one with more experience as compared to others.