Benefits of Participating in Ocean Art Contests

Most students are eager of exploring their boundaries and expanding their horizons. Artistic students have various skills that they can demonstrate to other people. This has given students a golden opportunity of demonstrating their talents. This is the key to achieving great things in life. Moreover, this is another great opportunity of securing scholarships, internships, and jobs. Entering a contest can also help you in exploring real-world issues.

winner's awardThe ocean art contest is one of the best contests that students can participate in. This contest is known for promoting ocean awareness. Artists from different parts of the globe are given an opportunity of creating a visual representation of issues that face the ocean. A panel of judges selects winners. All the participants required to choose the critical issues that they would like to present. The major themes that established and emerging artists can select arts to include overfishing, sea level rise, coral bleaching, marine protected areas, plastic pollution, and dead zones. After selecting a suitable topic, the artist is required to submit it and indicate why he/she has chosen it.

Why Do You Need to Take Care of The Oceans

Are you aware of the vital role that oceans play in our lives? Oceans play an essential role in supporting life. We depend on oceans for survival, but human beings have turned the tides on these water bodies through destructive activities like overfishing, pollution, and climate change. Artists can harness their creativity and give water bodies a voice via activism and art. Creative people should rise up and put their talents to the test. You can create and submit an important artwork by participating in the ocean artivism contests.

Activism Guidelines

The following are the key figures and facts regarding the major issues affecting the health of the oceans:

Plastic Pollution

According to statistics, there will be more plastic as compared to fish in the oceans by 2050. About eight, million tonnes of plastic have been leaking into the water bodies every year, with more than 95 % of it coming from the land.

Coastal Development

coastal developmentAbout 40% of the world population lives within the coastal regions. This has taken a huge toll on marine species and ecosystems Coastal development projects contribute to habitat destruction, pollution, the creation of dead zones and erosion.


About 3 billion people depend on water bodies as their primary source of protein. The fish population has significantly been reduced since 1970. According to the UN estate, the stock of fishes can become commercially extinct by 2048.

The other areas that you can research on include biodiversity loss, warming seas, and ocean acidification.